Thrissur: Youth Congress workers’ cow dung purification process to protest a stir by a Dalit CPM MLA has triggered controversy in Kerala.  Several ministers from the state came down heavily on the Youth Congress workers and said such acts cannot be tolerated.

The incident occurred in Thrissur, Kerala on Sunday. CPI MLA Geetha Gopi was protesting in front of the Public Works Department office to highlight the poor conditions of roads. She later retreated after concerned authorities assured her that action would be taken.

Meanwhile, Youth Congress activists staged a march to protest the MLA’s act, alleging that her protest was an act to "befool" people. Just minutes after the MLA left the spot, the Youth Congress activist came to the spot and poured water mixed with cow dung to allegedly purify the area.

Reports claim that as Geetha was from the Dalit community, the Youth Congress poured the water mixed with cow dung to purify the area.  The MLA alleged the incident was casteist and filed a complaint with police on Sunday.

Kerala cultural minister AK Balan said, “These kinds of acts cannot be tolerated”. Health minister also condemned the incident and said the act against the MLA showed the "political culture" of the protesters.