Bengaluru: MC Josephine, Kerala State Women’s Commission chairperson is in the eye of a storm for her comments that her party CPI(M) is both a court and a police station, as reported by a popular website. 

She was speaking in relation to a sexual assault case in Kadinamkulam in which a lady complained that her husband and his friends sexually misbehaved with her. 

The accused is a CPM leader and MLA PK Sasi. 

The minister further added that the woman in question herself did not want any other enquiry apart from what the CPIM would hold. 

She was responding to the allegations that the commission was indifferent in handling cases related to Communist leaders. 

She added, “I may be the Chairperson of the state Women’s Commission, but I am from the Communist party. No other party, other than mine, will take stern action in cases against women. I know which case you are mentioning. In that case, the family members, who are party followers, told me that they need the decision to be taken by the party.” 

Then came the shocker! She said, “Our party is a court and a police station. No leniency will be shown towards any leader in that regard.” 

More on the incident: 

As per the website, in 2018, Shoranur MLA PK Sasi was suspended for six months by the ruling CPI(M) government after a woman Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) leader had accused Sasi of sexually abusing her.

It was further noted that Sasi was suspended from the CPI(M) primary membership after it was found that he had conversed with a woman worker “in a manner not befitting a party leader.”

Congress leader expressed its criticism over the issue. Congress leader Chennithala said, “A women’s panel chief, who says that CPI(M) means court and the police, has no credentials to occupy that position. She has made anti-constitutional statements while heading a quasi-judicial body which is completely unacceptable.”