Dubai: A 78-year-old Indian woman has inherited her unmarried son's legacy in the UAE eight years after his death, leaving her overwhelmed, according to a media report.

Marykutty Thomas's 35-year-old son Shino worked in a company in Dubai with a decent salary. After his death, he left all his savings for his elder brother and mother in Kerala.

Her older son was in touch with the company authorities and when he too died the next year, Thomas was busy mourning the loss and could not follow up on the monetary paperwork, The Gulf News reported on Tuesday

A call from a Dubai will-writing firm made her realise that she has inherited a big fortune. The amount is approximately Rs 75 lakhs and her share was close to Rs 33 lakh, the report said.

It is not just the fact that it is such a large amount, but it is my son's hard-earned money, Thomas, a retired nurse, said.

He is my hero, just as is my older son who both are not in this world anymore, she added.

Thomas said that she was aware that her son had savings, but did not know the process of procuring them.

"When Shino died my older son was in touch with a few people in Dubai to help us get his inheritance, but we were not able to make any headway. Added to this, when my other son also died a year later, I totally gave up,” she said.

Thomas said that a relative in 2016 inquired if she received all dues related to Shino and suggested a few contacts in Dubai who could help her get her inheritance money.

The family got in touch with Mohammad Marria, founder of the will-writing company Just Wills in Dubai. He got involved in Shino's case and helped Thomas get the money.

Marria said the employer Shino worked with also got in touch with his firm.

Shino's life savings, insurance money and gratuity were all lying in a dormant account in a bank and the company wanted to set up a legal inheritance certificate to transfer his money to his family.

This is what happens when no heir comes to claim the money and savings of the deceased, he said.

“Shino's savings and end-of-service were distributed to the family on the basis of the UAE Law of Inheritance as he did not have a will in place.So the mother received one-third and two-thirds of the money went to his older brother's family. Since the older brother had died, the amount went to his children and his wife," he said.