Kozhikode: A third semester BA English student of Sree Narayana Guru College, Kozhikode in Kerala has moved the high court with the plea that mobile phones should not be restricted in hostel rooms. Faheema Shirin was asked by the hostel authorities to vacate her room, as she was found using the mobile phone. The rule is to not use the cell phone between 6pm to 10pm. 

In her petition, she stated that the restriction of mobile phone in the hostel is violating the student's fundamental rights. Faheema said that the hostel authorities are denying the students access to online learning. 

On June 24, hostel authorities introduced the rule that students can't use mobile phones between 6pm and 10 pm. Faheema on July 3 had approached the college principal seeking help with respect to this rule, but the principal refused to pay heed. 

Within days, the student's hostel warden approached her and asked her to submit a letter, claiming that she is unwilling to obey the hostel rules. 

On July 5, her parents were called and they asked Faheema to vacate the hostel as she refused to obey the rules. On July 8, the college principal and hostel warden called for a meeting and asked the hostel inmates to submit a letter expressing their willingness to follow the hostel rules. 

Now, Faheema is travelling 150 km every day from Vadakara to attend classes in college. According to sources, no such restrictions are imposed on students in the boys' hostel.  According to the Kerala budget, the state had recognised the 'Right to Internet' as a human right.