Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Police are set to explore TikTok for awareness campaigns and to circulate safety guidelines. TikTok is an app which facilitates 3 to 60 seconds of lip synced videos.

Meanwhile, the Kerala Police will also have a close watch on the unhealthy tendencies on TikTok. Kerala Police already have fans on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

On Wednesday, the official account of the Kerala Police that has been created on the TiKTok app announced their notion through the lip-sync app. Kerala Police’s tweet reads, "Your presence on TikTok will help inspire millions of youth to learn from the bravery & diligence that inspire the nation. 

Kerala Police TikTok account has already received more than 30,000 followers. Meanwhile, the video Kerala Police posted on Facebook to make their announcement of  joining TikTok became viral on social media.

The Kerala Police will also seek the aid of other people who have become a sensation in TikTok among Malayalis. The police sources said that they are one of the first law enforcement agency to enter this platform.

Earlier, the Nillu Nillu challenge video of Kerala Police also went viral on social media. At that time several people in Kerala had begun to dance to the Nillu Nillu tune in front of moving vehicles. Sighting this as dangerous for both motorists and the locals, the Kerala Police issued a warning on their social media page, asking people to avoid jumping in front of vehicles.

The Madras high court on April 24 lifted the ban on TikTok, the popular China-based mobile application that allows users to create short videos. On April 3, the court had banned the app based on concerns of pornographic content.