Kottayam: A complaint by a cancer patient in Kerala's Kottayam district alleged that Kerala Police have attacked him.

The victim Akhil Bose is currently undergoing treatment at Kottayam Medical College, Kerala. However, Pala Police have denied the allegation.

According to sources, the brutal incident occurred on Monday night. Akhil was driving his autorickshaw when Pala Police chased down his autorickshaw and took him into custody. He was allegedly assaulted by the police.  Akhil added that he did not fail to mention to police that he is a cancer patient and claimed that police refused to hear it and continued to physically torture him.

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Akhil's kin who reached police station after they came to know that Akhil was in custody also witnessed police personnel attacking Akhil, sources said.

Doctors of the Kottayam Medical College said that Akhil's face has suffered severe injuries during the attack.

However, Pala Police, denying the allegations said that Akhil was taken into custody because he was drunk when he was driving. Police maintain that they did not assault Akhil.

Kerala Police have been grabbing headlines in recent times for all the wrong reasons. Four Kerala policemen were suspended in connection with the custodial death of a remanded prisoner on June 21.

On May 29, two policemen were suspended for beating a man in public. The officers were suspended after a video of the incident went viral.  The video showed the officials beating a man in public in Thiruvallam, Kerala.

The footage was captured by a pedestrian, which shows policemen brutally beating the man and kicking his wife, who attempted to stop the officials. The man who was reduced to a semi-naked state was also stamped upon by the policemen.