Bengaluru: The entire world stood as one to condemn the barbaric death of George Floyd in the United States. 

Now, in pictures that are going viral, a Kerala police officer is seen pinning down a Kerala Congress worker to the ground to allow Kerala Higher Education Minister K T Jaleel's convoy to pass through. 

As reported by a popular website, state Congress vice-president and two-time former legislator PC Vishnunadh said it was indeed shameful for the Kerala Police, for what happened.

"Just see the cruelty that was shown to one of our young activists Antony, who turned into victim of police high-handedness, as literally a replay of what happened in the US was played out," said Vishnunadh. 

Tweeple too condemned it: 



It is to be noted that Antony and Youth Congress workers took to the streets on Sunday evening and protested against Jaleel demanding his resignation after he was questioned by the Enforcement Directorate.

A note on George Floyd’s death: 

The killing of African-American George Floyd by a police officer in the United States is an extrajudicial killing that has to be condemned.

People had come out on the streets and held massive protests in the United States. Even in India, an effigy of Donald Trump was burnt on the streets of Kolkata as a mark of protest. 

Floyd was put to the ground by a White police officer named Derek Chauvin. A video in this regard had gone viral as Floyd repeatedly said he was unable to breathe.

Derek and a few more police officers have been pulled up. Derek has been charged with third degree murder and manslaughter. 

Derek Chauvin, the police officer who has been charged with killing of George Floyd has been set a bail of $1 million by a Minneapolis judge.