Kozhikode: The Muslim Educational Society(MES) in Kerala has issued a circular which says that it won't allow the female students to wear face-covering attires at its educational institutions. The move has been slammed by several Muslim organisations.

The Kozhikode based MES was founded in 1964 and has 35 colleges and 72 schools. MES president Dr PA Fazal Gafoor released the circular banning face-covering attires in MES colleges from next academic year onwards. The circular has pointed out that the new law is based on the verdict of the Kerala high court.

The circular says that modern dresses are unacceptable to the general public. So the college cannot accept these attires even in the name of modernity or even in the name of rituals.

 The circular has directed that from the academic year of 2019-20, it should be implemented and included as law in the next year’s college calendar. This is what some of the Muslim students from Kerala have to say about the circular.

"From school, we are covering our face, I want to do the same in college too. Now, I have decided not to join any college run by MES," said Sunaina from Kannur.

"Happy to hear this decision, I don't understand why we should cover our face at college. We also have the freedom to show our face to the world," said Febina from Kozhikode.

"I don't want my children to study under this kind of an organisation where they are forced to remove the face covering dresses. These kind of circulars are against God. We have learned to cover our face, we want our children to do the same," said Rahna Fathima from Malappuram.