Idukki: An eight-year-old girl, who was attacked by her mother's male friend suffered physical abuse again. This time, the minor's mother thrashed the girl. The mother who is apparently out of bail, thrashed the girl, blaming her daughter for her arrest.

On May 31, the minor's mother was arrested by Kerala Police as she failed to intervene when her male friend was beating the minor. The child was admitted to Upputhara Government Hospital in Kerala's Idukki. Kerala police had also arrested the man who attacked the 8-year-old girl.  

The victim's mother, along with her three daughters, including the eight-year-old, had shifted to a rented house at Upputhara in Idukki. The mother's, friend Anish, had been taking care of the family after they moved to the new house. According to sources, the minor's father was bedridden following a paralysis attack.

The eldest daughter was not comfortable with Anish's frequent visits to their home. She even told Anish not to enter their home and said that she would inform her father of his regular visits. Enraged by the girl's warnings and comments, Anish brutally beat her.

It is also alleged that her mother would not intervene when Anish would thrash the minor. When the torture worsened, the girl complained about it to her aunt and relatives. The girl's grandmother then filed a complaint at Upputhara Police station.

The police questioned the girl and medical check-up was also conducted. The medical report revealed that the girl had undergone physical abuse.