Manjeri: A seven-year-old boy was operated for hernia instead of getting his nose treated in government medical college, Manjeri, in Kerala's Malappuram. The victim Muhammed Danish was admitted in the hospital for an operation to remove polyps from his nose.  Danish is the son of Malappuram natives Majeed and Jahan.

Meanwhile, Danush, a six-year-old boy, was admitted in the same hospital for the surgery of hernia. Danush is the son of Palakkad natives Unni Krishnan and Kunju Lakshmi. On Tuesday morning, both the children were taken to the operation theatre at the same time. 

By the time the ENT doctors looked for Danish for surgery, they found that the wrong surgery has occurred. Hours after Danish was taken out of the operation theatre, his parents too realised that his child underwent a wrong surgery. 

When Danish's parents questioned the doctor for the wrong surgery, the doctor said that Danish was also having hernia. Later, the child was again taken to the operation theatre and his nose surgery was done. 

Hospital superintendent Dr Nandakumar said to media that when he enquired about the mater to the concerned doctors, the answer was that since both the patients’ names were similar, the mishap occurred. It is also alleged that there was an error in the names of the boys written on the tag tied on their wrist of the two patients before operation. Nandakumar added that the boy’s health condition is satisfactory and a detailed investigation would be conducted about the incident.

Danish’s parents have complained to the authorities demanding action against the errant doctors. Danish sought the first treatment on January 21 and the date for surgery was fixed later.