Thiruvananthapuram: More than thousands of people had lost their homes along with their hopes during floods that ravaged Kerala in August last year. Even after several months, the flood victims are still waiting for the promised flood relief.

Nearly 27,000 families in Kochi are still waiting to receive flood relief from the state government. Many among the victims reached the collectorate's office to inquire about the issue.

Some of the victims said to media that during the election, every party candidate came to their homes and promised to help them. But after the election, none of them came back and now, the panchayat member doesn't even answer their call.

At the same time, the district collector said that due to insufficient funds, the government is unable to provide the compensation to people. 

But the Government of Kerala Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund website says that the total amount of Rs 3952.87 crore received and the total allotment of money till March 31, this year, is Rs 1874.77 crore.

Rupesh, social activist, questioned, "Even if Rs 1874.77 crore is allotted then what about the balance amount of rs 2,078.1 crore?" Is the website proving to be wrong or is the collector not speaking the truth, Rupesh added.

Meanwhile, a member of an anti-corruption organisation, D Francis, tried to place a vigilance probe against chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan for his visits to foreign countries. Francis questioned that the expense of Vijayan's journey. 

The state government said the petition was not maintainable.  Meanwhile, the state attorney KV Sohan stated the petitioner had not obtained prior sanction from the Governor, and thus the petition was not maintainable. If a person is submitting a petition for vigilance probe, then they have to get it sanctioned by the Governor.

"There is no use of questioning the chief minister of the state because if any government employee misbehaves or raises his voice against Vijayan, they will be suspended or transferred immediately," said a government employee, on the condition of remaining anonymous.