Bengaluru: In a living commentary on man-animal camaraderie, Sreekutty, a one-year-old elephant celebrated her first birthday in Kerala. 

Kottoor Elephant Rehabilitation Centre in Kerala saw as many as 15 other elephants take part in the birthday bash! 


The New Indian Express adds she greeted Dr EK Eswara, chief forest veterinary officer (Rtd). It was he who nursed her to health.

True to the occasion, a cake made of ragi and rice was also prepared. 

A note on how she was found: 

She was rescued last year. 

“When we got Sreekutty, one of her hind legs was badly injured and she had bruises all over her body. It is suspected that she was washed away in strong water currents, eventually getting separated from her parents. As Sreekutty was hardly three weeks old, chances of her survival was just 40 per cent,” said Satheeshan NV, deputy wildlife warden was quoted as saying by the website. 

It is interesting to note that, as the website adds, the wildlife warden further saying that the forest officials had waited for a day before shifting her to the centre with the hope that her mother would come looking for her. Later, she was shifted to the rehabilitation centre.

The celebration was indeed a gala affair. The website notes that forest officials, members of the eco-development committee, mahouts and people from tribal hamlets also were part of the birthday bash. 

Among other elephants who marked their attendance were three-year-old pachyderm Kannan and 78-year-old Soman, who will hopefully enter the Guinness Book of World Records soon for being the oldest living elephant in the world, the website further noted.