Bengaluru: Founder of Sri Rama Sene Pramod Muthalik criticised the BJP MPs in the most caustic of terms.

Castigating them for not working meticulously after being voted to power several times, he said it is high time they did something constructive for the society.

He was speaking at an event in Afzalpur, Kalaburagi, Karnataka.

He said, “We have given our votes looking at Modi and his schemes. Keep your mouths shut and do something good for the society. Next time, when you shout the name of Modi, we will shove boots into your mouths.”

Naturally incensed at such loose and furious talks, the BJP said it doesn’t augur well for the Sri Rama Sene founder.

Sreenath Seshadri, Karnataka BJP spokesperson said, “The vote is given by the people because Modi is the functional head. The MPs are voted by the people because people think they are capable. There is nothing else in this. These kinds of talks don’t fit Muthalik’s stature. He should desist from talking like this. Else his own image will take a beating.”

Muthalik has become a stickler to controversies, with his daring and sometimes, insensitive remarks. It is germane to mention that when Gauri Lankesh, a prominent Kannada journalist and a strident critic of Hindutva politics was assassinated in Bengaluru, Muthalik had said there was no need for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to react to such deaths. In fact, he had equated her death to that of a “dog”.

The most infamous of acts perpetrated under him was the attack on girls at a pub in Mangaluru in 2009. His goons had barged into a pub and beaten up girls for drinking. In order to defend the acts, he had even gone on to say that it was “against Indian culture” for girls to drink.