Tumakuru: Prime Minister Narendra Modi was at his fiery best when he questioned the Congress and its inclination to support the non-implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Act. 

He said, “Congress, its allies and ecosystem created by them are standing against India's Parliament. We can't leave minorities from Pakistan to their fate; have responsibility to protect them. If you have to raise slogans, then raise slogans against the atrocities on minorities in Pakistan.” 

Supporting the need to extend a helping hand to the religiously persecute minorities in the three countries of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, he said, “Pakistan was formed on the basis of religion, religious minorities were being persecuted there. The persecuted were forced to come to India as refugees. But Congress and its allies don't speak against Pakistan, instead they are taking out rallies against these refugees.” 

The PM also stressed on the fact that his government was present to ensure that the problems of the country are solved. In this regard, he said, “Now it has become the psyche of every Indian that the problems we have inherited have to be solved. This message emanating from society also inspires, encourages our government.” 

Modi also touched upon the topic of an aspiring India. He said, “This aspiration is for the new India. This aspiration is of young dreams. This is the wish of the sisters and daughters of the country. This aspiration is for the poor, downtrodden, deprived, afflicted, backward, tribals of the country. What is this aspiration? To see India as a prosperous, capable and all-encompassing world power.”

This was the first speech of the Prime Minister in the new year. That he started the new year in a monastery which carries out pro-societal works should come as something very positive for Narendra Modi. 

“It is my good fortune that I am starting the year 2020 in this holy land of Tumakuru, amongst you all. I wish that this sacred energy of the Siddaganga Mutt makes the lives of all the citizens happy.”