Bengaluru: The festival of Ganesha is round the corner. It’s an occasion for so many varied things. From worshipping to family get-togethers to celebrations, the list is endless.

For some idol-makers too, the festival provides an opportunity to earn some bucks. And for regular idol makers, who eke out a living by making Ganesha idols, the festival is a godsend.

However, this time, it is an entirely different story. Idol makers in Gokak, Karnataka have come to the streets, all thanks to the rains that have demolished north Karnataka.

As many as 3 lakh Ganesha idols have been destroyed due to the rains. Konnuru, a small village near Gokak has been at the receiving end. The idols which were kept ready for distribution have been submerged in rain waters.

The idols which are created here have demand not just in the state, but also in other states. Moreover, artisans here depend completely on these idols for their livelihood, for the entire year.

What makes matters worse is that these artisans have already taken advance payments for the delivery of the idols. But now, they don’t know what to do as they will be unable to deliver the goods.

Speaking to a local daily, Mallikarjun N Kumbar, head of the association of idol makers, said, “We have faced harsh rains. Our yearly earnings have vanished completely. We don’t know what to do. We earnestly ask the government to step in and help us out.”

The specialty of these 3 lakh Ganesha idols is that they were made in accordance with the rules not to harm the environment.

But it’s an irony that Mother Nature has shown her wrath, subsuming everything that came her way.

The rains in north Karnataka have displaced hundreds of people and destroyed property worth crores of rupees. The Centre is yet to dispatch a team to study the situation and submit a report in order to facilitate releasing of funds.