Bengaluru: At a time when BJP’s BS Yeddyurappa is eyeing to form the government in Karnataka with a calculated number game, the poor health indicator like 13 H1N1 deaths, 176 dengue and 135 chikungunya cases may push him and his MP son BY Raghavendra on the defensive.

These figures from the state health department indicate that Shivamogga district stands first in terms of mortality rate in H1N1 disease, second in terms of dengue and chikungunya cases. Former Karnataka chief minister Yeddyurappa is an MLA from Shivamogga district. He represents Shikaripura.

According to a report on H1N1 in January, 1,756 cases of H1N1 and 13 out of the 87 deaths in Karnataka have been recorded in Shivamogga alone.  

District health officer of Shivamogga, Rajesh Surgihalli said, the reporting mechanism of cases is the best in Shivamogga and hence many cases are reported.

"There were six deaths of H1N1 and three more were reported later. A recent meeting with ZP CEO and deputy commissioner was held. All the ASHA workers, ANM staff have been involved in information, education and communication activities. For Mosquito-borne diseases like dengue and chikungunya, out of 1,500 villages, 640 vulnerable villages are being monitored.  After the confirmation of the disease, the patients are being treated accordingly," said Rajesh.

JDS-Congress blame BJP for the spread of disease in Shivamogga

JD(S) spokesperson Tanveer Ahmed said though health is a state subject, Yeddyurappa and his son have failed in coordination with state government and have not helped in sharing any data from Shivamogga.

"BS Yeddyurappa is an old man in the race, his last hope to become chief minister. Age is not on his side. Instead of working with the state government in addressing such a situation, both father and son are playing politics," said Ahmed.

Echoing similar sentiments, Kengal Renu, Congress Spokesperson said it was now time for all the leaders to work in coordination to address health concerns.

"Like the way the BJP blames everything on Congress and coalition, even for this rise in H1N1, dengue and chikungunya, they will continue to blame. If there are people to subscribe to their comments, they will even blame the late PM Jawaharlal Nehru for such a situation now," said Renu.

BJP's defence

Karnataka BJP spokesperson Vaman Acharya said health is state government's subject and the saffron party will not do politics over it. He said such a situation has arisen due to a shortfall of good rains.

"The state government should not indulge in such a blame game. The disease will strike the state population, it does not see whether the BJP, JD(S) or Congress is ruling. Here the leaders should not blame the BJP instead they should start treating patients," said Acharya.