Hassan: Shivanna, a farmer from Karnataka’s Hassan had a shock of his life. He was away from home for a brief time but his family had conducted his final rites and also performed 13th day ceremony.

Shivanna, 45, a farmer from Shanka village in Hassan was angry with his family and was tired of family disputes. He left home on June 16 and the family could not trace  him anywhere.

His wife Deepa filed a case of missing person at the Hassan police station. On the same day, the police found a decomposed body near Hassan bus terminal.

Shivanna's family was summoned to identify the body. Wife Deepa repeatedly told that it was not her husband. But the police insisted that it could be Shivanna as the body couldn’t be properly identified as it was decomposed.

The family accepted this and took the body home and buried him. Following this, they even printed invitations for the 13th day ceremony and distributed it in the village. The last rites were performed on June 28.

But  on June 30, the family learnt that Shivanna was staying in one of his friends house in Bengaluru. They went in search of him and found him there. Shivanna was shocked to hear of the final rites that were conducted in his name.

When he made his way back to home, the villagers were shocked to see the 'dead man walking alive', but welcomed him with joy. 

The incident was also reported in the police station. Now, the buried body has been exhumed and the cops are trying to find out the real identity of the body to hand it over to his family members.