Bengaluru: While the Congress party at the national level has always been accused of dynasty politics, down south in Karnataka, the situation is no different. But here, it is not just the Congress party, even the BJP is accused of the same issue.

Take for example, the issue of BS Yediyurappa, the new chief minister of the state. He has five children, two sons and three daughters.

While the two sons Vijayendra and Raghavendra are in active politics, the three daughters manage his political affairs.

Faced with massive charges of family involvement in politics, the BJP has issued strict instructions not to give any chance to the opposition parties to point fingers at the government for involving family members.

Sources say that Raghavendra, the BJP MP from Shivamogga will concentrate on his responsibilities as an MP and will keep away from state politics.

The other son Vijayendra, who played a pivotal role in toppling the coalition government, that too by staying behind the curtains, will play no active role during his father’s stint as the CM.

And when we talk of family politics and the BJP, we certainly can’t miss out on Santosh, Yediyurappa’s nephew and his personal assistant. The focus will also be on this man.

Umadevi, the daughter, who handled Yediyurappa’s travel earlier and also his social media accounts, will not be seen doing the same anymore. Sources add that she will be concentrating on her BPO.

That’s about the BJP.

But Congress, like its counterparts in Delhi, is not free of the same taint.

Former chief minister Siddaramaiah of the Congress party has faced similar allegations as well.

His son Yatheendra was accused of attending official meetings in the Mysuru region.

Lastly, when one talks of politics and family in the state, one certainly can’t miss on the Deve Gowda family. His two sons, two daughters-in-law, two grandsons, apart from himself hold active portfolios.