Bengaluru: Congress leader Kavita Reddy, who was accused of heckling actress Samyukta Hegde while she was practising at a park in Bengaluru, Karnataka is arrested. 

The actress had given a written complaint against the Congress leader. 

However, it is to be noted that she had tendered a written apology to the actress. 

She had said, “I have always opposed Moral Policing. I realize that my actions were construed as such. An argument ended up in me reacting aggressively as well, it was a mistake. As a responsible citizen n progressive woman, I own up to n sincerely apologise to @SamyukthaHegde n her Friends!”.

A few hours after posting the apology Kavita Reddy shared another post with the scanned copy of an apology letter which was captioned “Have issued a letter as agreed with @SamyukthaHegde , I hope that we can put this incident behind us and work towards a safer and better future for women”.

A note on the incident: 

Just like every other day, Samyuktha and a group of her friends were working out at Agara lake park in HSR Layout last Friday evening.

Samyuktha and her friends were done warming up after which Samyuktha pulled off her pullover and started working out in a sports bra which she had already worn inside.

As the girls continued working out with their hula hoops a middle-aged woman came out of nowhere and started ordering Samyuktha that she cannot wear such clothes in public.

When Samyuktha and her friends questioned what was wrong in wearing a sports bra, the woman physically abused a friend of Samyuktha.

As things heated up a group of men also gathered up and started threatening Samyuktha that her name would be linked in the ongoing Karnataka drug racket if she did not leave the park.

Despite cops arriving at the location the woman and the mob continued verbally abusing Samyuktha by making indecent statements like ‘Don’t strip naked in the park’, ‘Are you people cabaret dancers?’ and a lot more.

The young actress and her friends tried to get out of the park but were shocked to see that the gate of the park was locked.

While many people surrounded and abused these innocent young women a few educated walkers in the park came to their support. Samyuktha recorded the whole incident by going live on her Instagram account.