Bengaluru: Congress Legislative Party (CLP) leader, former chief minister Siddaramaiah has requested the rebel MLAs to return to Bengaluru and withdraw their resignations. If not, the party has taken a stand to ask Speaker Ramesh Kumar to disqualify them, the former chief minister said.

Siddaramaiah was speaking at a press conference after the CLP meet. "We'll file a petition to the Speaker seeking disqualification of members who are trying to resign as MLAs. This amounts to anti-party activity. They are influenced and trapped by the BJP," he said.

He warned rebel MLAs of legal action under the anti-defection law as per Article 164 (1B).

Meanwhile, Congress's suspended MLA Roshan Baig too submitted his resignation. When asked about the repercussions he would have to face for resigning, Roshan Baig who spoke to MyNation said, "I am already suspended, what kind of action will they take?"

However, Speaker Ramesh Kumar maintained that he has not received the resignation letters officially. "If the Speaker is not in office and someone comes and submit a letter, will you take action against it? Shouldn't they take an appointment and submit the letters," lashed out Ramesh Kumar. 

Meanwhile, seven Congress MLAs gave the CLP meeting a miss. Among the missing MLAs, six including MTB Nagaraj, Sudhakar, Tukaram, Ramappa, Raje Gowda and Kaneez Fathima are said to have taken permission. However, Anjali Nimbalkar has given the CLP meeting a miss without any prior notice or permission.

Speaking further, Siddaramaiah said that all members who participated in the CLP meeting have shown their loyalty to the party. 21 ministers including the deputy chief minister had resigned from ministry to keep the party united. 

"BJP is trying to destabilise the coalition government and has resorted to anti-democratic ways to do so. People of Karnataka have not given the mandate to BJP, there was a fractured verdict. Congress received 38%, BJP 37% and JD(S) 19% of votes. Together we have 57% vote share," Siddaramaiah said in the coalition’s defence.

He further added, "The governor had called the single largest party to form government. But they couldn't prove majority and coalition government was formed by Congress and JD(S) only after Yeddyurappa failed to prove the majority in the house."