Bengaluru: As the Karnataka coalition government buys more time in proving its majority on the floor of the House, the BJP is only getting more and more frustrated.

DV Sadananda Gowda, Union minister for chemicals and fertilisers has now hit out at the ruling coalition for its delaying tactics.

He said, “Though the coalition has no numbers, it is not ready to accept it. It faces a prospect of losing its numbers to two digits. The whole world knows that we have the numbers. The coalition will go any lengths to cling to power. Now that the coalition has moved the Supreme Court again, it will pass a suitable and correct order on the same. The BJP has always remained just with such things. In case, the motion is not put to vote, the BJP has several legal ways to explore. We will bring the issue to the notice of the President as well.”

On the issue of midterm polls, he said, “There is absolutely no need for midterm polls. The state can ill-afford it.”

He was also quick in adding that it is only the BJP that can solve burning issues in the state.

“In order to solve the issues of drought and deaths of debt-ridden farmers, the BJP must come to power. It is only this party that can solve these problems,” he added.

But the JD(S), one of the partners of the coalition in state dismisses it.

Arivalagan, a JD(S) spokesperson said, “This is a false statement. About 154 taluks in the state are hit by drought. A sum of Rs 2,000 crore is pending from the Central government. The question that now arises is, will the Centre release funds only if it is a BJP government in the state?”

On the issue of BJP forming government, he said, “If they want to come to power, it means they want to spread their party. Almost all BJP leaders want to strengthen the party, not the government. Hundred and ten MLAs have been poached so far across the country. It is only Karnataka that is fighting the menace of poaching. Other states like Goa, Mizoram have given up,” he added.