Mumbai: Water Resources minister of Karnataka DK Shivakumar, or informally known as crisis-management minister has been detained by Mumbai Police.

The minister had been camping since morning right in front of the hotel where the disgruntled elements of the JD(S)-Congress combine are staying.

He was accompanied by JD(S) MLAs GT Devegowda and Shivalingegowda.

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Shivakumar has gone to Mumbai with the intent of bringing back the dissidents, but has not succeeded in meeting them, due to two reasons. One, they themselves are not willing to meet Shivakumar and two, the police have ensured that he doesn’t establish any contact with them.

Earlier, Shivakumar said, “I have been camping here. But I have not been allowed entry into the hotel. I have not even had my shower. I want to book a room here, but it has not been possible. I want to meet the disgruntled elements here, pacify them and take them back home but I have not been successful.”

The Congress leader also blamed the BJP for the mess the state is in. He said that though Union Defence minister said that BJP had no role to play in it, it is the BJP (PM Modi and home minister Amit Shah) which is responsible for it.

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On the other hand, both GT Devegowda and Shivalingegowda are left clueless. Sources say that they had not even expected that the police would take Shivakumar away. And as that happened, the two were also taken away in another vehicle.

Another JD(S) MLA Balakrishna, who is with them said, “We don’t know what to do. The keys of the room which we had hired are with Shivakumar himself. The whole episode has been orchestrated by the BJP.”