Bengaluru: Following the crisis in Karnataka coalition government, Congress Legislative Party (CLP) leader Siddaramaiah and Karnataka Congress in-charge KC Venugopal convened an emergency press conference on Monday (July 8) and announced that the Cabinet will be reshuffled. Despite the crisis, the Congress said the government is safe.

Siddaramaiah and Venugopal requested the MLAs who have quit and are holed up in a Mumbai hotel not to take hasty decision and become prey to the BJP. They promised ministries to those MLAs who are eligible for the positions.

All ministers in Karnataka Cabinet have resigned voluntarily and given Congress complete freedom to give ministries to any eligible MLA to save the government from crumbling.

However, reports claimed that three Congress ministers RV Deshpande, MTB Nagaraj and Shivananda Patil are out of Bengaluru due to personal reasons and have not tendered their resignations. The Congress leaders said that they have spoken to the trio and they will tender their resignations soon.

Speaking to the media, Venugopal said: "In the last five years we are witnessing anti-democratic movement by the BJP to destabilise the coalition government where they are not in power. In Karnataka, this is the sixth time the BJP is trying to destabilise government. They are using agencies like IT (Income Tax Department) and ED (Enforcement Directorate), and offering money and ministership and are trying to do horse trading to destabilise the government."

"But Congress will face this situation. We strongly believe in strength of the party in Karnataka. We will continue to govern. Some of them have some grievances. We had detailed discussion with party members. At the prevailing condition, ministers voluntarily have resigned and entrusted Congress party to reshuffle the Cabinet to resolve the issues," he added.
Addressing the MLAs who have quit, he said, "Those who have resigned should come back. We are confident this government will continue. This will be the sixth failed attempt of BJP in destabilising this government."

Siddaramaiah, who was standing next to Venugopal, told reporters, "The people have not given BJP the mandate. Even when you consider vote share, the Congress has received more vote share than BJP. Independents have  supported us. Together, were are  120 MLAs. 104 is not 120. Magic figure is 113. They (BJP) have not got the mandate. But using the Centre, and misusing its agencies they are trying to destabilise the coalition government continuously since one year. Not only the state BJP but also the national leaders of the BJP are helping them to do so."

"In their sixth effort, the BJP is trying something new and is projecting that the BJP is not involved in this. This a drama by the BJP. But their efforts will fail for the sixth time too," said Siddaramaiah. 

“Some MLAs are disappointed that they did not get ministries. But all cannot get positions. It is a request to those who have quit from their positions. We will listen to and solve your grievances and request not to fall prey to BJP's luring. Do not take any hasty decisions. Those who are disappointed but are eligible will be given ministry. We have not accepted the resignation of independent minister H Nagesh," the former chief minister said.

Reacting to any plans of action against the rebel lawmakers, Siddaramaiah said, "Speaker should take a decision and action as per law against those who have quit."

He also clarified that Assembly session will not be postponed and will start on July 12.