Bengaluru: The Karnataka JD(S) and Congress MLAs who resigned have come out openly against state PWD minister HD Revanna and charged him of interfering in Bengaluru city's development.

RR Nagar (Bengaluru) MLA Munirathna Naidu, representing the disgruntled legislators’ camp, known as ‘SBM’ gang, said chief minister HD Kumaraswamy’s brother Revanna is the “root cause” of coalition crisis in Karnataka.

Talking to reporters on Saturday (July 13), Naidu said, “The Bengaluru city development in-charge department should have been with Ramalinga Reddy. Had the government included Ramalinga Reddy, this situation would not have arisen.”

Naidu also expressed displeasure over deputy chief minister G Parameshwara's role. According to Naidu, he “failed the city”. The only power Parameshwara enjoys is “zero traffic”, he said.

When asked about whether he would extend support to the Kumaraswamy government and or will vouch for Reddy's candidacy to head Bengaluru, Naidu said, “For me and my team, the development of city is important. The elevated corridor project is struck, under bridge work near Metro in my Assembly segments are pending. Whoever supports in the development of my constituency, will be preferred.”

He further added that BTM Layout (Bengaluru) MLA Reddy is the senior-most leader and has taken a decision after much thought. “Don't know whether he will consider taking back his resignation or take any portfolio,” stated Naidu.

BJP says the turmoil is due to internal bricking

BJP spokesperson Tejaswini Gowda has clarified that that BJP has no role in Karnataka's political crisis as this is purely internal differences between the JD(S) and Congress.

“The statement from disgruntled MLAs about HD Revanna's interference is evident that the BJP was not responsible (for the political crisis in Karnataka). Every time they do this drama, they blamed the BJP for destabilising the government. The public is aware of this bad coalition setup and hence they rejected them in Lok Sabha poll,” said, Tejaswini.