Bengaluru: Karnataka chief minister HD Kumaraswamy accused the BJP for creating a crisis in Karnataka and forcefully taking away rebel MLAs. He said that the party was indulging in immoral politics to capture power.

Kumaraswamy gave out a press release ahead of trust vote likely to be held today (July 22). The coalition government consisting of JD(S) and Congress in Karnataka still lacks the magic number to prove majority.

The trust vote was moved on July 18. But it has been delayed due to various reasons and opposition BJP has demanded that it must be held as quickly as possible.

Kumaraswamy was reacting to the same and in the press release said, "It is a matter of immense pain and disgust that the BJP has not only taken Karnataka's political scenario to a new low, but also set a new benchmark in the country for immoral politics."

"The BJP has made a mockery of democracy by taking away several MLAs from ruling coalition forcefully. The TV footage has clearly shown BJP leaders and functionaries accompanying our MLAs to Mumbai in special aircrafts," he added.

He also accused BJP of doing this with the sole ambition to capture power through immoral and illegal ways. He said the BJP has been demanding that he must resign immediately and has even got the Raj Bhavan to set deadlines for putting the confidence motion into vote.

Reacting to claims of BJP that Kumaraswamy was purposely delaying trust vote, he said, "I want to make it amply clear that I am not trying to cling onto power. My only intention of seeking time for debate on trust vote is to let the entire country know how the BJP, which talks of morality, is trying to subvert the very principles of democracy as well as Constitution."

He also requested the MLAs to return. "At this juncture, I would like to appeal to such MLAs who have gone away from us to please attend the legislature session and narrate how the BJP took them away forcefully. I request them to explain on the floor of the House how the BJP sabotaged democratic edifice and destroyed its sanctity,” he said.

"I also want to tell such MLAs that let there be no hesitation. Let us sit together and discuss all the issues including your problems, if any, and arrive at a solution to save this democratically elected government from the evil forces which are trying to shake the very foundation of democracy by misusing their political influence," he added.

But the MLAs released a video stating that they are not forced by anyone to stay in Mumbai, but are doing it with own will. They also made it clear that the rebel MLAs do not support the government and will not take part in the trust vote. Instead they demanded that their resignations be accepted.