Bengaluru: After a long hiatus since his taking oath as the chief minister of Karnataka, BS Yediyurappa will finally have a Cabinet of his own. As the high command countenanced his request, the chief minister is set to form his Cabinet on Tuesday (August 20). By now, it is anybody’s guess as to how ministerial aspirants are flocking his house to plead him to make them ministers.

But this story is not about ministry seekers. It is about a few Bengaluru MLAs who want more funds for their constituencies. Indeed, this is a new headache for the chief minister.

Before we give you more information about the new headache, it is imperative to tell you about Tender Sure project. The project, which concerns itself with roads, intends to upgrade the existing Bengaluru roads to international standards.

The project will cost the BBMP several thousands of crores and the Karnataka government will give special grants to carry out the project.

Now, back to the issue of the new headache, three Bengaluru MLAs are prevailing upon the Karnataka chief minister to grant them the money earmarked for the project, which is Rs 1,139 crore. Presently, the chief minister has issued a moratorium on the project, thereby not spending the said amount.

These three Bengaluru MLAs, whose names are kept under wraps as of now, have openly told the chief minister that they are not keen on ministerial aspirations, but want the funds for their constituencies.

The third phase of the Tender Sure project was to be taken up, bettering the condition of as many as 89 roads, for which the money had to be used. A meeting in this regard was also held on Saturday (August 17) in which the MLAs were of the opinion to coerce the chief minister. It remains to be seen how the chief minister reacts to the plea.