Bengaluru: The ignominious defeat in the Karnataka by-elections for the Congress and JD(S) means that they are completely demolished and deracinated. 

For the likes of former CM Siddaramaiah, former MPs like Mallikarjun Kharge and KH Muniyappa or even former CM HD Kumaraswamy, the results have come like a bolt from the blue. 

These former coalition partners were hinging on the prospect of exposing the disqualified MLAs on the basis of shifting their loyalties and the Supreme Court’s ruling supporting the then Speaker’s decision to disqualify them, only came as a support. 

In every place they went to campaign, their refrain was “These disqualified MLAs have cheated you. Teach them a lesson.”

They even began to celebrate before the elections were held. But the reality was very different. The citizens voted these “disqualified” members back to power. 

Surprisingly, the Congress was decent and humble enough in accepting the defeat. The usual ruse of “EVM tampering and malfunctioning” was absent. 

However, JD(S)’s Kumaraswamy did blame the BJP government of using money power to influence the voters. 

Though such accusations are normal, the results have a deeper meaning to convey. 

It is palpably clear that Karnataka citizens have voted for stability. They have also been absolutely aware of how the two coalition partners were resorting to open argy-bargies and spared no efforts to pull down each other. 

Thirdly, the attitude of the then Speaker Ramesh Kumar, who danced to the tunes of Siddaramaiah, in disqualifying the rebel MLAs, was only corroborated by the elections. 

It is also noteworthy that, every time the Congress takes on the BJP, they spare no efforts in criticising Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. Though criticisms in elections are normal, they didn’t have efficient facts to prove themselves. 

Lastly, they failed to assess or gauge the political mood. Last year, when they joined hands to have a coalition, they had a golden opportunity prove themselves. But they spoilt it themselves, prompting the citizens to vote against them. 

Finally, the BJP juggernaut only rolls on!