Bengaluru: The BJP romped home to victory in the Karnataka by-elections held in as many as 15 constituencies. As of 2 pm, the saffron party had won 12 seats, at least 6 more than the required number to stay afloat. 

What is crystal-clear from these elections is that the citizens of the poll-bound constituencies are more than willing to support the BJP and help create a stable government under CM BS Yediyurappa and not vote for another chaotic coalition. 

For several months since the vacuous and vacillating coalition government under the then CM HD Kumaraswamy, their leaders had been accusing PM Modi and Union home minister Amit Shah of using money power to destroy their government. However, as the disgruntled elements have maintained, it was their move to cut asunder the bonding as they alleged ill-treatment. 

The BJP has made inroads into Mandya and even in Mahalakshmi Layout, considered to be bastions of the JD(S). 
During their campaign trail, the Congress and JD(S) leaders never left any stone unturned to keep pricking and poking at the BJP. But the befitting answer given by the citizens should serve them a lesson. 

In fact, PM Modi who was campaigning in Jharkhand thanked the voters of Karnataka. He said, “Today, the people of Karnataka have shown that Congress and JD(S) can’t backstab them. The people have voted for a government that is stable and strong.” 

The victories are also a proof that CM BS Yediyurappa, the old workhorse is still the boss and can deliver though he is his seventies. 
As for Congress, which has lost not just the hustings but also its face, it has to sit and soul-search. 

Its senior leader Siddaramaiah had mocked the BJP saying it had lost numbers in Maharashtra and Haryana, but Karnataka has shown his statements are mere bunkum. 
KS Eshwarappa, senior BJP leader says people have lost faith in Congress and JD(S) and voted for a stable government. He said, “BJP workers worked with unity. Even our booth-level workers gave their best. On the other hand, there was no unity among leaders. Siddaramaiah was the only one who worked hard. Mallikarjuna Kharge, DK Shivakumar all did not have unity in their canvassing.”