Bengaluru: Karnataka Assembly speaker Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri, sources tell us, is planning to ban private media from covering the session. 

The official decision on the issue might be conveyed later in the day, after CM BS Yediyurappa’s approval. 

If implemented, this means that all private channels will have to depend on the state-run Doordarshan for feeds. 

But why on earth was such a debate in motion? 

Well, that brings us back to the issue of watching porn on the floor of the house. 

A few years ago, Lakshman Savadi, presently one of the incumbent deputy CMs of Karnataka, was caught watching porn, embarrassing his party and putting it in an untenable position.  As the visuals went telecast, the party had no convincing answer. 

The move is being allegedly adopted on the lines of how private channels are not being allowed to cover Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha sessions. 

Sreenath Sheshadri, a BJP spokesperson defended the move saying, “In almost 18 states, Doordarshan feed from the session is given to private channels. There can be blatant misuse of freedom. Therefore, it is a good move.” 

However, Arivalagan, a JD(S) spokesperson begs to differ. He said, “The Speaker is for BJP. He has been elected on a BJP ticket. BJP is not in a position to face charges levelled by the BJP. That is the reason the session has been called only for 3 days. They have done nothing good. The opposition parties will showcase how BJP has failed. It is a move to protect its own members.” 
Having said this, it is also apt to note that former CM HD Kumaraswamy had mooted the idea of media regulation in the wake of satires being made on politicians. But none thought that the BJP would go a step ahead and enforce a ban. 

The session will take place for 3 days.