Bengaluru:  Karnataka Assembly session has begun on Friday (July 12) amidst the political crisis in the state. Speaker Ramesh Kumar entered the Assembly after stating that he will not be bogged down by any pressure but will consider only the Constitution as the supreme law while looking into the resignations of the rebel MLAs.

The Congress party has issued a whip to its MLAs, making it mandatory for all the party MLAs to attend the session. But 10 rebel MLAs who are back in Mumbai hotel along with rebel MLA Muniratna who has left for Hyderabad have given the Assembly session a miss.

But if anti-defection law can be applied on the rebel MLAs is still a question because the rebels have already filed a petition against the whip with the Supreme Court and that is pending for hearing.

Meanwhile, the Congress-JD(S) government was expected to table the Finance Bill in the House today. But passing of the Bill looks like a distant dream as of now as the rebel MLAs are absent and currently the coalition does not have the majority to pass the bill.

Despite the government not having majority, the Opposition BJP cannot press for floor test because the resignations have not been accepted and the case is being heard in the Supreme Court.

So, most likely there will be a ruckus in the Assembly and the session will be postponed.

However, if the Supreme Court directs Speaker Kumar to accept the resignations, then the MLAs can contest for re-election.

But the catch here is this is possible only if they are not disqualified. In case the rebel MLAs get disqualified as MLAs, then they cannot contest elections.