Bengaluru: Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal is certainly not of the same clique. 

Though he is considered very close to the Gandhi family and an integral part of the party’s strategy-making unit, his latest behaviour is one that is diametrically opposite to the very core of the principle the Congress follows. 

Cutting the long story short, it was Kapil Sibal, who a few days ago, confessed in the Rajya Sabha that the Citizenship Amendment Act would not snatch away the citizenship rights on any Indian. 

Now compare and contrast this mea culpa of his with his party colleagues. Ever since the Parliament enacted the CAA, Congress and its coterie have been shouting their lungs out with massive lies and misinformation that Muslims will be stripped of their citizenship. The Congress has successfully tailored the situation to suit its whims and fancies and create needless chaos in the country. 

But again, if we may jog your memory, it was Kapil Sibal who openly declared in Kerala Literature Fest that the states have no right not to implement an Act passed by the Indian Parliament. 

This confession of his gained a lot of traction amid Kerala government passing a resolution not to implement the CAA.  In fact, even Punjab, governed by Congress, had followed in Kerala’s footsteps. 

He had then said, “If the CAA is passed no state can say 'I will not implement it'. It is not possible and is unconstitutional. You can oppose it, you can pass a resolution in the Assembly and ask the central government to withdraw it.”

"But constitutionally saying that I won't implement it is going to be problematic and going to create more difficulties."

Now, these factual observations by the senior leader should serve as a torchlight for the Congress which is suffering a massive existential crisis as its young blood are divorcing it for its heresies.