Bengaluru: Earlier in the day, we published an article saying that Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is no saint. 

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Now, in what comes as a confirmation and reiteration, the Delhi police have come up with indicting details about Kapil Gujjar, who opened fire at Shaheen Bagh a few days ago. The police say that he is a member of AAP. 

Cops also add that the accused has come up with a mea culpa (confession) that he had joined AAP in early 2019. 

Interestingly, the Delhi Police have also recovered photos of Kapil Gujjar with several senior leaders of Aam Aadmi Party from his mobile phone.

Not just Kapil, his father Gaje Singh was also an AAP member and both he and his father joined the party in 2019.

It is also pertinent to note that Kapil's father had earlier contested the MCD election in 2012 on a BSP ticket.

As per sources available online, the accused had clicked his pictures with senior party leaders like Sanjay Singh and Aatishi of AAP. 

Rajesh Deo, DCP Crime Branch told ANI, "We recovered the pictures from his phone during the course of the investigation. Kapil has confessed that he & his father joined AAP somewhere between January-February 2019."


All these days, AAP had been taking a moral high over the Shaheen Bagh shooting incident. 

Now, with the reports of the police investigation being issued, AAP’s position is certainly untenable. 

On the one hand, as BJP claims, Arvind Kejriwal wants Shaheen Bagh to be evacuated, while on the other, he stages a shootout. 


The big-speaking and self-righteous AAP has always left no stone unturned in trying to corner its opponents. 

Though people like Arvind Kejriwal project themselves to be of a superior mould, their lies are called out with the help of police investigations. 

At least now, Arvind Kejriwal should stop orchestrating such incidents and keep nation first.