Kannur: Congress leader K Sudhakaran had posted a video on his Facebook page as an advertisement for his election campaign which has now courted controversy. The video indirectly mocks sitting MP, LDF leader PK Sreemathy.

The message in the video implied that it was a wrong decision to educate a woman instead of a man. However, Sudhakaran posted a disclaimer along with the video which states that it does not refer to anyone living or dead and further stated that the video doesn't refer to anyone who makes speeches in parliament.

Public opinion has it that Sudhakaran indirectly took a jibe at his opponent Sreemathy by stating that she has not done anything for Kannur despite her good educational background and her post in parliament. However, this strategy has backfired and made him gain a bad reputation in the district.

Netizens slammed Sudhakaran for being narrow-minded in attempt to attack his opponent

Here is what the women of Kannur have to say about Sudhakaran's video

"I completely disagree with Sudhakaran's Facebook post. I can't understand that how he can be so stupid to create such a video just to defame his opponent", said Swathi Aravind (student).

"As a teacher, I feel very frustrated at this moment. How can a person who is contesting the Lok Sabha polls post something so sexist? In my opinion, girls are braver and bolder than boys. In my family too, girls take care of their family and their in-laws financially because they have a job", said Laseena Mohan (teacher).

"Sudhakaran has dug his own graveyard. He has himself proved that he is not worth to be our minister. I don’t think he has a daughter, and has therefore made such a disgusting video", said Nidhi Dhaneesh (textile designer).

"I think he still lives in an underdeveloped world where there is no equality, and neither has a single girl entered a school. Anyway, at the same time I am happy that he showed his true colours before polling day", said Anjana Janardhanan (student).

"I am a first-time voter. Sudhakaran has himself made me understand whom I should vote for, and for whom I should not. As per my knowledge he has two sons and I thank God for not blessing him with daughters", said Manasa Sanad (student).