Bengaluru: Congress smells a sort of déjà vu in Madhya Pradesh as a few of its MLAs have escaped in a mysterious matter. 

As reported by a popular website, eight MLAs, including four Congress, two Bahujan Samaj Party, one Samajwadi Party and one independent, went missing from the state and were tracked in Gurugram by Congress senior leader Digvijaya Singh.

Digvijaya Singh and his son Jai Vardhan Singh, brought back BSP MLA Ramabai from a Haryana hotel. 

As reported by the same website, Digvijaya Singh said, "When we got to know about this, we tried to get back the MLAs and Ramabai has come back while others want to come, but the BJP is trying to stop the MLAs."

But on the other hand, Gopal Bhargava, BJP MLA and leader of opposition, MP remarked, “It is a different thing to run the government for good governance. This sequence of events is due to the fact that this is an opportunist government. Let me get the information about the sequence of events. Only then I will be in a position to officially comment. I only want to say this- the government run by Kamal Nath is not functioning on any principle, programme, policy, and ideology. This government has been formed by manipulation and horse-trading. When the government is formed in such a scenario, this will be the end result. Digvijaya Singh’s statement can’t be trusted. He says anything.”  

Madhya Pradesh Assembly has a total number of seats of 230. Congress, the chief ruling party, has a majority of 121 seats. The BJP has a total of 107 seats. 

The Congress fears that a few of its MLAs would desert it. If that happens, the Congress will be on a weak footing, thereby fearing a collapse of the government, just like it faced an ignominy in Karnataka.