Bengaluru: Jyotiraditya Scindia, a former Congressman from Madhya Pradesh who joined the BJP, has lambasted former chief minister Kamal Nath for leaving behind a loan of Rs 8000 crore. He also took a jibe at another Congressman Digvijaya Singh. 

He said, "If anyone has betrayed people, it is Kamal Nath and Digvijaya Singh who did not waive off the loans of farmers even in 15 months. They left behind a loan of Rs 8,000 crores for Shivraj Singh government."

Republic TV added that he was attending a Bhumi Pujan ceremony of development works worth Rs 70.84 crore and the inauguration of the works worth over Rs 21 crore in Dimani of Morena district.

Scindia further added, "Former CM Kamal Nath did not even come to Dimani after Congress formed its government, whereas the people's Chief Minister, Shivraj Singh Chouhan came to participate in the Bhumi Pujan ceremony of development works worth Rs 70.84 crore and the inauguration of works worth Rs 21.08 crore in Damani."

A note on Scindia’s frustration over Congress opposing abrogation: 

Sources tell us that during the time of abrogation, Jyotiraditya Scindia phoned one of his close friends and expressed his dismay over Congress’s opposition to the abrogation and even termed it “nonsensical”. He even wondered how Congress could oppose this move when it was much needed.

It is further added that he and his friend decided to speak about their disgruntlement over the decision in a public manner, but it did not fructify.

In fact, it is at this crucial juncture that Scindia asserted to himself that there was no future in the Congress. It is then that he decided to have a life outside the Congress.

And all the other developments like denial of PCC post, MP CM post should only be superficialities. What hurt him the most was the Congress’s strategy in opposing the PM.

Many others also believe that Congress’s opposition for the CAA is also baseless. Though the Congress has managed to drum up massive support through its orchestrated protests across the country, its own senior leaders like Kapil Sibal have openly confessed that the states have no rights not to implement any law enacted by the Indian Parliament.

Another point to take cognisance is AICC chief Sonia Gandhi’s insistence that her son Rahul Gandhi should be at the top. It is this that is being speculated as the reason why Scindia was not given a Rajya Sabha seat, for she feared Scindia would easily eclipse her son and take all the credits.