New Delhi: While several people across the country condemned the brutal attack by a masked mob in the JNU campus on January 5, several reports have emerged portraying the protesters' ugly behaviour.

Taking to Twitter, Republic correspondent Piyush Mishra shared a video where he is seen being assaulted, ridiculed and abused by the protesting mob in the JNU campus. The correspondent claimed that the entire incident took place in the presence of Delhi Police personnel.


In the video, the Republic correspondent is seen trying to report from the spot about the heightened tension at JNU. While he was busy with live reportage amid loud slogans, a person from the group of protesters approached Mishra and questioned him on what he (Mishra) was doing there.

However, Mishra tried to ignore the person's question and continued doing his job. But, the person began pushing and abusing Mishra. As Mishra tried to pacify the person and continue with his work, the person proceeded to threaten and abuse him.

Mishra later took to Twitter and wrote to the Editors' Guild while he condemned the atrocity caused by the protesters.

On Sunday evening, more than 30 students of the university, including JNUSU president Aishe Ghosh, were injured and were taken to the AIIMS Trauma Centre after a masked mob entered the JNU and attacked them and professors with sticks and rods.

The JNU administration and the political leaders condemned the attack on students and urged the police to take action against the perpetrators.