New Delhi: Away from the political heat during the poll season, Jet Airways is facing a different kind of heat. Regardless of claims by DGCA, the number of operating flights have dwindled to less than 30. 

Once the market leader, Jet Airways is now so insignificantly operational compared to Air Asia, a small player in the Indian aviation market, which has more operating flights. 

As the discourse is sharply towards the shrill political mud-slinging in this poll season, MyNation explains the gravity of the situation Jet Airways is in currently.
Aviation Expert Ameya Joshi has been tracking the number of operating flights since the situation turned serious to grim. He says, as of Thursday Jet Airways has only 26 operational flights. 

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According to Joshi, on March 30, there was 67% fleet of Jet Airways that have been grounded. 

March 2

Total Grounded: 76.3% of the fleet
Operational flights: 26

March 3

Total grounded: 85
Operational flights: 25

March 4

Total grounded: 110
Operational flights:26

Sources say, out of 26 operational flights, 15 are being operated on domestic routes whereas 11 on international routes. 

DGCA vs Ministry

While the aviation regulator DGCA said on Wednesday that operating flights of Jet Airways is 28, the aviation secretary said its less than 15. 

In what can be seen as jet airways having even fewer aircraft in the coming days, the aviation secretary told news agency PTI, "The airlines' ability to fly internationally needs to be examined".

Present situation

1. Jet has so far received over 180 crore

2. The amount was used to pay salary dues of employees and fuel dues

3. Naresh Goyal announced to "sacrifice my every control and interest in the Airline with the sole aim to ensure the Jet Family's lasting welfare"

4. Jet Air lenders may meet on Thursday to vote on whether to pump in more money in the cash strapped airline

Is it a temporary arrangement for election?

Many bankers and aviation experts believe it’s not a prudent idea to pump in money on Jet Airways. But not doing so would make it crash and mass job losses. This would embarrass the government just ahead of the general elections where the opposition has been continuously targeting the government on lack of jobs. 

So what will be Jet's fate after the election?

Aviation expert Ameya Joshi says, "The Rs 1500 crore which banks plan to infuse will be a stop-gap arrangement to help tide over the immediate crisis. 

This will help pay some lessors and get an additional fleet in operation which will help improve the cash flow." But he added that it’s not a long term solution.

A Jet Airways official has been contacted asking for a statement on what is their long term plan. We haven't got any response so far. As and when they respond, this copy will be updated.