Bengaluru: While India fights the second wave of pandemic, there are a myriad souls who have been doing their bit to help people in whatever way possible. 

It could be helping people with hospital beds or ambulances or cremation. 

It could also be helping the hungry by feeding them as they can’t afford to pay for food. 

Pooja Gandotra, a resident of Jammu is one such example. 

Pooja had been running a restaurant in Jammu. But all thanks to the lockdown last year, she had to discontinue it. However, her passion for running did not get discontinued. That is when she decided to help out the needy by giving them free food. 

She cooks food at her home and delivers it to the families of covid pandemic. 

Presently, she gives food to 30 such people. 

She says, “When the corona infection started increasing, I came to know that there are many families in which only the main lady of the house has been infected. Many families have elderly couples and suffer from depression. These people are not able to cook by themselves. They have also faced difficulties to eat for a time. In such a situation, if I do not help them, it will not be okay. Then I discussed this with my husband and started this work”.

She adds, “Initially we took the help of social media. We started posting about this on different platforms. This increased the number of people one after the other. After this, some local media also shared information about us. With this, other people also came to know about our campaign. Right now many people are calling and asking for food. She says that right now we are delivering food to more than 30 patients every day. Along with this, we are also providing food to many frontline workers”.