Bengaluru: For many parties advertising the banner of secularism, the issue of extending support to the rescinding of articles 370 and 35A was as difficult as walking on a thin rope. That’s because if they lend support, they would lose their base in the valley.

But on Monday (August 5), when home minister Amit Shah dropped the two controversial articles with the assent of the President of India, several parties stood rock solid behind the government while some stayed defiant, saying the abrogation is not the solution. We present a list of all such parties.

Parties not supporting abrogation

Parties supporting abrogation









Muslim League



Shivanand, a political analyst says, “The Congress and Muslim league were opposed right from the beginning. The Trinamool Congress (TMC) was part of the Congress before, but later Mamata formed a new party. Her policies, however, are more or less the same. What is surprising is the stance of the JD(U). They opposed Triple Talaq also. This is a message to the BJP saying all is not well.”

But what about Mayawati’s volte-face?  

“Again, BSP’s move is a surprise. We don’t know what is cooking. We don’t know what sort of signal they are sending. They had been opposing the BJP tooth and nail. Why is there a change of mind? Very difficult to dig,” the analyst added.

The political analyst also said: “I have visited J&K. What I have observed is that there was only geographical integration, but there was no emotional integration. Through this development, there is a chance for the people of the region to become one with the rest of India. Though initially, there might be inchoate problems, that is bound to change.”

Accusations and recriminations might continue, but there is certainly paradigm shift in Indian politics.