Bengaluru: After having successfully rescinded controversial articles 370 and 35A, the Narendra Modi government feels emboldened to take up other pertinent issues at hand. Here are the other important issues the Modi government can look into and make it a reality.
1. The Construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya
With the accomplishment of abrogation, there is a renewed hope and vigour and even pragmatism that the construction will be a reality under Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
However, in one of his rare interviews to the media, PM Modi has made it very clear that the matter is sub judice and he would not broach upon the topic of ordinance. Coincidentally, as we write this, the Supreme Court has decided to take up a day-to-day hearing on the issue. Irrespective of the its ruling, the unfulfilled desire of having a temple for Lord Ram in his birthplace can be a real thing.
2. Uniform Civil Code (UCC)
As the name indicates, the laws governing a country should be applied unequivocally, without fear or favour. But in reality, it is different as personal laws based on scriptures and customs of different religions are being used to try cases.
It was the desire of Dr BR Ambedkar that such practices are annulled and a common law governing the citizens of India be brought up. So the issue of UCC was broached in the Directive Principles, Article 44.
With the success of the abrogation, it is likely that the Modi government will take up personal laws for debate as they have the numbers in the Parliament.
3. Two-child policy
Having a cap on the number of children means that the population will be under check. Though it’s not a manifesto promise, it can be looked into as it ensures fair distribution of natural resources.
Vivek Reddy, a BJP spokesperson said, “The full capacity and potential of the nation are being exhibited with these reforms. And if India has to truly excel on the world stage, it has to focus on its bursting population and bring it to saner levels. A two-child policy which I personally feel is an important issue has to be gone into. This will ensure people will have enough natural resources at their disposal.”