Thiruvananthapuram: At a time when some celebrities have been raising voices against mob lynching cases involving 'Jai Shri Ram' chants, here is a Kerala citizen, who wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the number of attacks against Hindus in the country, perpetrated by Muslims.  

49 people, from filmmaker Adoor Gopalakrishnan to Mollywood actress Revathi, many celebrities had written an open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi over their concerns on increasing cases of lynching against Muslims and religious hate crimes in the name of Jai Shri Ram across the nation. At the same time, many Keralites questioned chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan for his support to Adoor Gopalakrishnan.

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Now,  Binil Somasundaram, state joint coordinator of Hindu helpline, has penned an open letter to Modi, which lists out every single case of mob lynching, where Hindus have been killed by the Muslims. He has also claimed that a majority of these cases have either been wiped out or have remained unquestioned. This letter, he says, is a reply to those 49 celebs, who wrote to the Prime Minister about mob lynching. 


Somasundaram told MyNation, "Many Keralites don't notice the issues plaguing the state. And they protest raising their voices against people chanting Jai Shri Ram. If they want to stage a protest, they need to do it for a real cause. This new move is just to slam Hindus and Hinduism in the country." 

The state joint coordinator of Hindu helpline emphasised that many have succeeded in establishing a fake narrative about Hindus indulging in mob lynching.

"Thus, I have tried to point out some of the mob lynching cases where Hindus have been targeted by the Muslims," he said. 

The letter highlights 25 such cases, from Kamlesh Tiwari death case in West Bengal (2016, 2016 Dhulagarh riots in West Bengal, Bharat Yadav case in Mathura (2019), Ankit Saxena death case in Delhi (2018), Dalit death in Tamil Nadu's Theni in 2018 to Dalit death in Rajasthan (2018).

Somasundaram, in his letter, said, "Let the country know that there are many mob lynching cases targeting Hindus too. Those cases are either forgotten or wiped out." He hopes that his letter would speak for all those "Hindus who died".