Bengaluru: The news item of a 15-year-old girl Jyoti Kumari cycling 1200 kilometres provided some grist for the media to talk about how the migrant issue has been mishandled by the Centre in the lockdown period, thereby taking jibes at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and trying to defame him in the entire world. 
But the script has changed! 

US President Donald Trump's daughter and senior White House adviser Ivanka Trump has praised terming her act as a "beautiful feat of endurance and love". 

The story is that Jyoti cycled all the way from Gurugram I Haryana to his native place in Bihar amid the lockdown on the cycle in a period of 7 days. 

In her tweet, she praised her profusely. 

"15 yr old Jyoti Kumari, carried her wounded father to their home village on the back of her bicycle covering +1,200 km over 7 days. This beautiful feat of endurance & love has captured the imagination of the Indian people and the cycling federation!"

Ivanka was in India earlier this year along with her father Donald Trump and much earlier to this in 2017, she had led a delegation at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in India.

Economic Times added that mpressed with the doggedness with which Kumari pedalled her way to Bihar from Gurugram, carrying her ailing father, the Cycling Federation of India (CFI) will invite Kumari to appear for a trial next month, in what could be a life-changing opportunity.

CFI Chairman Onkar Singh recently told that if Kumari passed the trial, she will be selected as a trainee at the state-of-the-art National Cycling Academy at the IGI Stadium complex here. Jyoti's father, Mohan Paswan, an autorickshaw driver in Gurgaon got injured and the lockdown left him without any source of income. He had to return the autorickshaw to the owner.

The father and daughter duo started their journey from Gurgaon on May 10 after buying a cycle with whatever money they had and reached their village on May 16.