New Delhi: In yet another attestation to the massive damage caused by the Indian Air Force (IAF) in the air-strike at Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) terror facility in Pakistan’s Balakot, a foreign journalist in her report has confirmed that up to 170 terrorists were killed. She claims that slain terrorists include trainers and bomb makers.  

Francesca Marino, an Italian journalist in her report in mentions that to hush up the matter JeM members also visited the families of those killed and handed over cash compensation to them.

 In her report, she mentions 130-170 JeM terrorists were killed in Balakot terror facility in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, which was bombed by IAF’s Mirage-2000 on February 26.

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Pakistan’s lies were first exposed by the Indian forces and now foreign journalists have made sensational revelations. “The numbers estimated have ranged from 130-170, including those who have died during treatment. Those killed included 11 trainers, ranging from bomb makers to those imparting weapons training. Two of these trainers were from Afghanistan,” said the report by Marino.

The report said that the IAF strike was carried out at around 3.30 AM. Pakistan Army unit came two and half hours later to the stop from Shinkiari, which is around 20 kms away from Balakot. The injured were taken to a Harkat-ul-Mujahideen camp, located in Shinkiari and were treated by Pakistan Army doctors.

Quoting local sources, the report said that around 45 persons are still undergoing treatment in this camp, while around 20 have died during treatment due to serious injuries.  Those who have recovered are still in custody of the Army and have not been discharged. 

“To prevent news on the fatalities leaking through statements of family members of cadres, a group of JeM members also visited the families of those killed and handed over cash compensation to them,” the report said.

Sources told MyNation that India had specific inputs on JeM terror facility at Balakot which had new recruits, trainers, commanders and suicide attackers. Based on human and digital intelligence and ground verification it has been ascertained that there were close to 270-280 terrorists present at the time of the strike.

Intelligence report mentions that 18 senior Jaish commanders were present at Balakot facility to train the terror recruits. While 83 terrorists had assembled for Daura-e-Aam — the beginners’ training course, 91 terrorists had assembled for Daura-e-Khas — advanced training. As many as 25 terrorists were selected for special fidayeen training.

Despite several evidence, Pakistan has been denying any damage or presence of JeM terrorists at the facility. The camp area is still under the control of the Army, with a captain rank officer of the Mujahid battalion in command.  There is also talk about the JeM leadership having assured its cadres that the group will take its revenge when the time is ripe.