Bengaluru: Delhi police have finally cleared the Shaheen Bagh protest site which had seen anti-CAA protests take place for the last 3 months incessantly. 

The police rushed to the site and evicted the protesters, even though they showed some resistance. Some other women had placed their slippers as their representatives. 

Police have detained 6 women and 3 men from Shaheen Bagh for violating Section 144 prohibitory orders, as reported by India Today. 

DCP South East said, "People at the protest site in Shaheen Bagh were requested today to clear the site as lockdown has been imposed. But after they refused, action was taken against violators as the assembly was unlawful. Protest site has been cleared. Some protesters have been detained."

Section 144 of the CrPC or curfew was invoked before the evacuation drive. Massive security was in place. Interestingly, other places where similar protests were taking place were also cleared. 

The Delhi government has placed the national capital under lockdown till March 31. 

The CAA, passed by both houses of the Indian Parliament last December, grants citizenship to non-Muslim minorities of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. The only condition they need to fulfil is that they have to be in India hitherto December 31, 2014.

But the Congress and its coterie have resorted to a wilful campaign of spreading lies and misinformation, with a resolve to instigate the innocents against the Modi-led NDA government.

In spite of innumerable clarifications given by the PM and the Union home minister Amit Shah that the CAA doesn’t apply to any Indian citizen, protests continue across the nation.

Apart from the riots in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi too witnessed the same, with 47 people losing their lives and more than a 100 injured.

What is essentially a one-time offer to integrate minorities with India is being seen as draconian and demonic.