Bengaluru: Time was when roads were completely empty and shutters were downed. No, it wasn’t a lockdown as we are experiencing now or a strike. 

You might be presently surprised to know that it was a TV series that kept people glued to their TV sets, way back in the late 1980s. 

Ramayana, the series which is being rerun on national television from today (March 28) was first aired in the year 1987. 

Another great Indian epic Mahabharata was also aired the next year, that is 1988. 

Needless to say, the two TV series garnered a lot of viewership during those days. 

Now, as a lockdown has been summoned owing to the coronavirus outbreak, the I&B ministry has decided to air these two epics, in addition to several other hit TV series like Byomkesh Bakshi and Circus. 

And for many of those who were kids at that time, it is a wistful trip down memory lane! 

Says Prasad Rao, an IT professional, “Wow! It's a repeat of old days. Everyone in the family is again having breakfast together at 9 am. Needless to say, everyone's eyes were glued to DD National.” 

(Prasad and his family watching TV) 

I&B minister Prakash Javdekar had tweeted about the decision. 


The decision to air these epics and other serials has a dual purpose. 


One, as stated, it will wean away people from taking to the streets, thereby curtailing the spread of the coronavirus. 

While that goal is achieved, there is another important aspect we can’t forget. And that is, the airing will also help families regroup and bond. 

Elders in the family will be able to recall those days and share anecdotes while for kids, it will be an enriching experience, listening to their parents and grandparents and also, most importantly, be connected with our glorious mythology.