New Delhi: It seems that Narendra Modi's speech in parliament during the NDA meet has touched not only his detractors but also the minority community. So impressed was Mahmood a Madani, the general secretary of Jamiat Ulama i-Hind, that he shot off a congratulatory letter to the Prime Minister.

What did Madani tell Modi?

Madani, in his letter, wrote, "Your recent statement regarding your intention to pay special attention to the development of minorities, their education, health, and employment instead of using them as vote bank is most welcome and timely and we hope it will be implemented in full earnestness and promptness."

Madani added, "The huge margin has proved that the people fully support your Vikas agenda and expect you to steer our beloved country to the higher and higher goals of development, peace, and prosperity. I hope your Sab Ka Sath and Sab Ka Vikas, the most winning factor, will soon fulfil the dreams and goals set by you." 

Why did Jamiat praise Modi?

Earlier, Modi took MPs to task for winning the minority communities' "faith, trust, and support". This, in spite of a resounding victory. "The minorities have been deceived the same way as the poor. Their education and health should have been in focus… (but) An imaginary fear was created to use them as vote banks," Modi said, addressing BJP's allies. Modi further added, "I expect you to be able to pierce this deception. We have to earn their (minorities') trust. We have to take along our fierce opponents. Without this, the country cannot progress. There should be no discrimination over caste or religion. This is a challenge, and we have to do this."

Madani is the same individual who had questioned Narendra Modi's Prime Ministerial candidature before the 2014 general election. His stance didn't change much in between, though many thought he softened a bit as far as his views on Modi goes. But the speech on minorities seems to have done the unthinkable. 

The Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind, one of the leading organizations of Islamic scholars belonging to the Deobandi school of thought in India heaping praise on Modi will be a shot in the arm for the Modi Sarkar 2.0 as it prepares for the swearing-in ceremony on May 30th.