Bengaluru: The hashtag #JCBKiKhudai has literally set the internet on fire. In the past 12 hours you may have noticed pictures of a JCB excavator doing the rounds on the internet.

Surprisingly, the word that defines the yellow construction equipment is being used by people to search for videos of a JCB doing its job while passers-by watch with great interest. As strange as it sounds, people in India crowd around these excavators to watch them in action. The fact that it is fully capable of demolition, construction and excavation is highly impressive and amusing to several people, as they are very often seen in rapt attention to the monstrous machine at work. Cybernauts find their amusement hilarious, and the memes going viral are the result of the idea that people stop to see an ordinary machine simply doing its job.

Several people, majority being Indians, watch videos of a JCB excavator digging up dirt. A Twitter user found out that random videos of JCB excavators on YouTube had received several million views in the recent past.

To top it all, memes with the bizarre hashtag, #JCBKiKhudai had become the most trending topic on Twitter on Monday.

Sunny Leone may have just triggered the bizarre meme. Just two days before JCB became popular on the internet, she took to Twitter to share a picture of herself standing atop a JCB-like excavator of a company called ABC. She captioned the picture using a cheeky statement, “Career change!? LOL”

After her tweet, people believe that Sunny Leone may have just foretold one of the most shared desi memes of the year.