Bengaluru: Democracy gives you the right to criticise the government on various policies. But one shouldn’t dare to translate the criticism for the government into hate for the country. 
But does the opposition care? 

Former AICC president Rahul Gandhi, who is visiting his constituency in Kerala said, "India is known as the rape capital of the world. Foreign nations are asking the question of why India is unable to look after its daughters and sisters. A UP MLA of BJP is involved in the rape of a woman and the Prime Minister does not say a single word."

He didn’t just stop there. He went to the extent of saying Modi believes in violence and indiscriminate power.

"You have seen the increase in violence across the country. Lawlessness, crimes against women - every day we read about some woman being raped, molested thrashed. Violence and hatred being spread against the minorities, thrashing of Dalits - there is a reason for this dramatic increase. There is a reason for the breakdown of institutions, people taking law into their own hands - because the man running this country believes in violence and indiscriminate power."

Sreenath Sheshadri, a BJP spokesperson said, “This is another immature statement by Rahul Gandhi. There was a time in India when people were not reporting such incidents to the police. They were not seeking justice. Now they register FIRs courageously. It is only because the law and order situation has improved. Earlier, if they had tried to report things to the police, police would not register FIRs. The rapists would also trouble the families of victims. Today they can report.” 

In Modi’s India, the laws have changed tremendously, enabling the people who are meted out with injustice to come out and state it openly. 

However, Rahul Gandhi must realise by issuing such statements, he will only end up worsening India’s image on a global platform. 

Or is this plan a part of his agenda?