Bengaluru: With six-time MLA from Hassan district (Sakleshpura) HK Kumaraswamy being given charge to lead to Karnataka JD(S), the adversaries and sources say that party's supremo HD Deve Gowda's elder son, HD Revanna has begun to stamp his authority over the party. This development in JD(S) is attributed to the recent debacle in which state chief minister HD Kumaraswamy failed to ensure the victory of his son Nikhil, and also his father Gowda.

Kumaraswamy's son Nikhil was defeated from Mandya in Lok Sabha poll and his father and JD(S) supremo Gowda was defeated from Tumakuru. Following the debacle , H Vishwanath, the Karnataka JD(S) president then offered to step down as the party delayed in reciprocating to his appeals, Vishwanath threatened to resign from MLA post.

It was this moment that state power minister Revanna chanced upon and convinced former Prime Minister Gowda to give him the charge to overhaul the party. By pushing the name of HK Kumaraswamy from the Dalit community, he has set the ball rolling.

Prajwal Revanna winning from Hassan was another factor that worked in Revanna's favour. He being an excellent strategist and shrewd politician who means results, and selection of "yes" man HK Kumaraswamy, Revanna is all set to flex his muscle over the party.

When asked about the same to HK Kumaraswamy, he said, "Nothing like that, and no such expectation about me being played like a puppet in the hands of Revanna. It's all false."

BJP says it's still a family enterprise

Although the JD(S) and its leader can deny about Revanna's ploy to control the party from now on, the BJP said that no matter who gets what post all is decided by the Gowda family.

"With the new president being appointed, the JD(S) can say a lot about change and other stuff, but the fact of the matter remains that, the JD(S) is a family owned enterprise where others will not have much to say or decide," said Preetham Gowda, BJP MLA from Hassan.

Coalition partner defends JD(S) move

Rajya Sabha MP Rajeev Gowda expressed confidence about the smooth functioning of the Karnataka coalition government henceforth.

“Former JD(S) president H Vishwanath seems to have some differences with the coordination committee chairman Siddaramaiah, now that new president of the JD(S) has taken charge, I hope the focus will be complete the five-year term by fulfilling all the promises made by JDS-Congress alliance,” he said.