Bengaluru: Periods are a biological happening. There is nothing to feel embarrassed about it. It should not be seen as a taboo too. 

But in real life, it is unfortunate that in some places, women are considered to be impure during their menstruation. 

However, there are a few activists who are fighting this discriminatory behaviour and helping those girls and women who do not have access to pads by gifting these essentials to them. 

One such woman is Irfana Zargar. 


In Kashmir, she has rendered phenomenal service by jumping to the rescue of young girls and women during periods. 

She says, "My father used to buy for me, when my father passed away, it was difficult for me to even think that I should ask my brothers to buy pads," as reported by BBC. 

She had a strong resolve to help those in distress. 

She adds, "I always thought I had money and resources, I would buy sanitary pads for needy women". 

When lockdown was announced due to the onset of coronavirus, it became all the more difficult for women to go out and buy pads. Moreover, as strange as it may sound, many women still feel shy to go out and buy these pads from the stores. 

She says, "Most women and girls feel very ashamed to go to the shop and buy pads." 

Even if she goes, she tells the shopkeeper, 'Brother, give me that'. She cannot even speak the word pad without feeling embarrassed. ''

When she decided to help out such women in need, she did not have enough money with her. But she worked hard, earned some corpus and started distributing kits. 

The kits have a sanitiser, pads and underpants. 

With her altruistic work, Irfana has become a hero. 

Hasina, a recipient of her generosity, says, "In the area where we are living, girls have been battling with such people during their periods because they cannot buy pads, Irfana has become an angel for us".